Best Master’s Thesis Award

From 2020, the Scientific Committee of the IEEE SPS Italy Chapter organises an award for the best Italian Master’s Thesis in the field of signal processing.

The call for this year award can be found here.

Past winners are listed below.


  • Francesco Pezone, Sapienza Università di Roma, “Dynamic online learning in the Edge Cloud based on the Information Bottleneck Principle”, [video]


  • Davide Salvi, Politecnico di Milano, Modal analysis and optimization of the top plate of string instruments through a parametric control of their shape, [video]
  • Abrham Shiferaw, Università di Genova, Learning of Linear Video Prediction Models in a Multi-Modal Framework for Anomaly Detection”, [video]


  • Claudio Battiloro, Università di Roma La Sapienza,”Distributed Online Tensor Completion over Networks of Cooperative Learners“,  [video]
  • Francesca Pistilli, Politecnico di Torino, “GraphPointNet: Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Point Cloud Denoising“, [video]